"Scratch your way to the TOP" with Mojave Sand Jigs!!

Finally, after 5 years of testing, Mojave Sand Jigs are ready!!!!
Our team of designers engineers and field testers have fished Mojave Sand Jigs all over the country, from the Smallmouth Bass factories of the Great Lakes to the swamps of the Mississippi Delta, From the beautiful clear water Maine to sunny California, and have agreed on a formula (GL-70) for the tough coating on the head of a Mojave Sand Jig.
All you have to do is add your favorite soft plastic trailer and hang on. 
When the Mojave Sand Jig head comes in contact with a solid object you feel the vibrations immediately. With a little practice you will be better able to tell the difference in what your Mojave Sand Jig is coming in contact with.
Once you feel the vibrations the Mojave Sand Jig creates in your rod and reel, You will become more aware of the bottom content, You WILL become a better jig fisherman. 

"The first time i fished a Mojave Sand Jig and felt it scratch on a rockpile,
I knew it was something special" 
Mike Moore, Oklahoma

The idea of sand on the head of a jig came about 20 years ago in the desert south west, while fishing on Lake Mohave. Our founder thought to himself what do crawdads sound like in the water, they don't click, they don't rattle... "THEY SCRATCH". The exoskeleton of the crawdad drags on the bottom and rocks creating a scratching sound. Mojave Sand Jigs has found the secret to that sound. 

Steve Shultz
Founder, Mojave Sand Jigs

Smallmouth Bass takes a Mojave Sand Jig

It's not about the jig! It's about sound generation! Any jig (size, shape and/or color) when put in front of a bass will probably get bit. However, sound attracts bass and they will go out of their way to investigate. This increases the odds of getting a limit and a kicker during tough fishing conditions.

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